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What’s the Job Outlook for Massage Therapists this 2017?

February 3, 2017/0/0

How do you feel about making people feel great on the inside, while healing their bodies at the same time? This is both a personal and a professional reward that you will get as a massage therapist. Here, we will take a quick look at some facts about how you can get into the massage therapy industry, what the work entails, and what the job outlook is like this 2017.

Quick Facts about the Massage Therapy Industry

To learn more about the massage therapy industry, take a look at these quick facts:

  • You need to complete a state-approved program and acquire a license before working as a massage therapist.

If you are thinking about working as a massage therapist, you need to complete a state-approved program. Students typically enrol in post-secondary programs which are completed in nine months or less. Some of the subjects include basic human anatomy, kinesiology, first aid, hygiene, and physiology. Hands-on training is also very important. Depending on your state of residence, you will be required to either pass the National Certification exam or the Massage and Bodywork licensing exam.

  • Massage therapy is physically demanding.

When you’re administering massages to clients, you are using your own bodyweight to apply pressure to the individual bodies. This means that the work can be physically taxing. While you are caring for the bodies of your patients, you also need to take a closer look at your own health and well-being. Do not book one appointment after another because it can take its toll on your body. Drink plenty of water and eat right.

  • Massage therapists work in different environments.

As a massage therapist, you can get a job placement at a day spa, resort, medical establishments, as well as massage chains and franchises which are growing in popularity.

  • It’s good to have certain qualities if you want to succeed as a massage therapist.

Aside from being physically fit to do regular massage work, there are certain qualities that you need to possess if you want to succeed at this job. First, you need to know how to communicate with your clients. Set their expectations about the massage session, and the results that they can achieve. You also need to empathize with your clients, some of which will use the opportunity to have an ear to listen to their sentiments. You also need to have strong decision making skills because the health and well-being of your clients lie in your healing hands. If you want to have your own massage business franchise someday, you also need to have proper time management skills and a keen sense on how to make the venture flourish.

  • The job prospects look very good for 2017 for new massage therapists.

On a recent study released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics for 2014 to 2024, the job outlook for massage therapists is 22%, which is much faster than the average profession. This means that your job prospects are very good even if you just recently earned your license as a therapist.

  • To be a good massage therapist, you need to hone your existing skills – and learn new techniques in the future.

There are more than 80 massage techniques that you can learn. To succeed in the business, you have to hone your existing skills, and keep on learning new techniques. You cannot master them all in one go. As you start honing your skills as a massage therapist, your healing hands will help more and more clients, and you will thrive as a professional in the industry.



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