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What are the Top-Paying Jobs in the Beauty Industry?

December 30, 2016/0/0

Even in Hollywood, the gap between the wages of men and women are apparent. This holds true for almost every other industry, where men almost always get the higher pay grade just because they’re men. However, there are certain industries like the beauty industry where most jobs belong to women – and they are being paid well for it.

According to PayScale, the occupations with the highest median pay for women who have five to eight years of experience in the field are as follows:

  • General practice physician
  • Paediatrician
  • Pharmacist
  • Corporate counsel
  • Marketing
  • Optometrist
  • Human resources specialist

Fortunately for those who are planning to get into the beauty industry, it is made up by a large percentage of women. In the same vein, these female workers are getting a fair share of the pay check than their very rare male counterparts in the same industry. So if you are planning to take cosmetology courses or get into a business which revolves around the beauty industry, you’re in for a treat.

These are the Most Lucrative Jobs in the Beauty Industry

There are plenty of jobs other than being a makeup artist or hair stylist if you want to be in the beauty business. If you want to get into it and you also want a fair chunk of your monthly pay check, here are the top paying jobs that you should be getting hired for:

  • Hair stylist

If you’re fresh out of cosmetology school, you will naturally earn just the minimum or entry-level wage. But as you gain more experience and once you garner lots of satisfied clients, your pay grade will increase significantly. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, if you will work as a hair stylist for performance artists, celebrities, and models, you can earn as much as $64,000 annually. Your professional value will also increase by working at a luxury salon.

  • Makeup artist

Similar to hair stylists, you will earn a minimal salary as an entry level employee at a salon. But as your experience increases and as your skills develop over the years, your pay grade will significantly increase. From being a makeup artist at a salon, you can branch out into being a theatrical and performance makeup artist. How about creating special effects on actor’s faces?  With makeup as a medium, you can make an actress look twenty years older, or turn an actor into a zombie. Creativity is required here, the job is exciting, and the pay is very good with an average annual wage of over $67,000.

  • Spa owner

If you don’t have the aptitude for applying makeup or doing a client’s hair, why not work as a spa owner? A day spa owner can earn as much as $100,000 per year – depending on where the spa is located. If you don’t have the capital to open up your very own business right away, you can work your way from the bottom up. Learn about the ins and outs of the business first, save up, and open up your own day spa once you’ve gained enough knowledge and experience.

Surprisingly enough, these other jobs in the beauty industry pay quite well: nail care artist, dermatologist, cosmetic retailer, tattoo artist, aesthetician, skin care consultant, beauty products sales representative, cosmetic research scientist, dermal therapist, and beauty product ambassador. Once you’ve gotten one foot into the beauty industry, there are plenty of high-paying career paths that you can take.



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