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Tips on How to Earn Positive Reviews for Your Salon

August 11, 2016/0/0

Decades ago, customers turned to friends and family for business recommendations. A mom who just moved in may ask a co-worker for salon recommendations. Diners rely on word-of-mouth advertisement when looking for new restaurants to try. Vacationers look to other travelers for recommendations on places to visit.

Today, the scenario has changed in such a way that customers simply need to go online to determine whether a business is worth patronizing. What exactly do they look for? Positive reviews.

Why It Pays to Work on Earning Positive Reviews

Let’s say that you are a beauty salon owner and you would like to increase the number of customers that you have. Since most clients would look you up online first, you need to have a good website, and preferably a reliable online booking system so that they can book their first salon appointment. However, they will only click on the Book or Reserve button once they see that there are positive reviews for your business.

By working on earning positive reviews for your salon, you can enjoy a multitude of benefits. As a salon owner, you can:
– Increase the number of clients that you have.
– Boost your revenue.
– Establish your authority in the beauty industry.
– Promote the products and services used in your salon.
– Promote your website through constant online interaction.
– Spread positive word about your brand, with hardly any cost.

How Do I Earn Positive Reviews for My Salon?

Next, how do you earn positive reviews for your salon? Here’s a quick list:
• Deliver the best service you can.
Of course, the number one thing that you need to do to earn a positive review for your salon is to deliver excellent service in the first place. What do customers look for and how do they leave the salon with a positive experience? It all starts from the minute they step into the salon. They should be welcomed, listened to, the service should be impeccable, and they should be satisfied with the rates. Your goal as a salon owner is to make clients feel beautiful once they step out of your salon, and if they do leave with that feeling of satisfaction because of the level of service they received, they are bound to leave positive reviews for your business online.

• Ask your salon staff to be proactive.
Although word-of-mouth is already a good form of advertisement, it’s online reviews that you are working on here. Ask your salon staff to ask your most loyal clients to leave a review of their salon experience on your Facebook page, Twitter, or online review sites like Yelp, SalonSpy or MyLocalSalon. Offer incentives to your staff who are proactively asking your clients to leave reviews for your business online.

• Set up an email alert when someone posts an online review for your salon.
Use Google alerts so that you can get notification when a client posts a review for your salon. Putting them all together and constantly updating your site is a good way of collating as many reviews as possible.

• Use negative reviews to improve your business.
It’s never a good idea to ask family members to leave positive reviews for your site, or use incentives to solicit good reviews from customers. If you do receive a negative review, respond to it online in a positive, business-like manner. Also take what the customer said into account and use it to improve your business.

In the end, earning positive reviews all boils down to offering your beauty salon customers the best possible experience that they can have, so continue working on improving your services.


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