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Tips for Beginner Salon Professionals on Growing their Income

July 20, 2016/0/0

You’ve just gotten out of cosmetology school and you got an entry-level job at a respectable salon. You’re pretty happy with your job and you are learning a lot, but the bills are piling up and you want to increase your income. How can you do so if you’re earning just a meagre salary? That’s what we will try to learn more about here.

Understanding the Basics of the Business

Similar to any other industry, you need to learn the basics of the beauty industry in general if you want to succeed as a salon professional. What does it take to put up a successful salon business from the ground up? You probably learned about it from cosmetology school but the real world is different. You need to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the business so that you can apply that knowledge in case you get promoted to senior stylist, master haircutter, or expert colorist. You can be a jack of all trades or master one aspect of the job, and do it brilliantly.

Another thing that you need to understand is that unlike other businesses, you might want to adjust the working hours of your salon to fit the schedule of your target client. If you have a group of working women as your target market, running a 9 to 5 salon might not make sense because they are at work during those exact same hours. Why not increase the number of stylists that you have during lunch hour (when they usually squeeze in appointments)? Or specialize in after-work-hours hair appointments?

If you usually work with brides, make sure that you are working during weekends, which is when events usually take place. Hollywood celebs, business executives, and high-end clients will require you to be on-call – so adjust your working hours accordingly so that you can maximize your income.

Ways to Grow Your Income as a Beginner in the Salon Industry

Aside from adjusting your working hours, here are additional ways for you to grow your income as a beginner in the salon industry:

• Make your existing clients happy to get more referrals.
The competition in the salon industry is getting stiffer and tighter, so word-of-mouth referral is key. You might be a beginner but by making your existing clients so happy with your service, you are likely to get more referrals so your income will increase.

• Master one aspect of your craft first, then move on to honing another skill.
Be it nail art, hair cutting, hair coloring, or styling – you should master one aspect of your craft first. After you’ve mastered the art of sculpting hair, for example, you can move on to another skill which is coloring hair. Make yourself indispensable, but do not hesitate to share your knowledge with others as well.

• Learn about the business side of things.
We’re talking about profit here so aside from your skills, you should also learn about the administrative side of running the business. In the salon you’re working at, do the basic rates cover supplies, labor costs, and equipment? Most salon owners fear raising their prices for fear of driving away customers but if you will not put a premium value to the services you are offering, then the clients will recognize that and they won’t be willing to pay up, either.

Remember that all successful salon owners started somewhere small. You can make it big in the industry, too, even if you are a mere beginner today. As long as you’re willing to put in the hours, hard work, and you have a love for what you do, the profit will follow along with your success in the craft.


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