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Take a Look at the Beauty Industry Forecast for 2017

March 15, 2017/0/0

We may have already reached the end of the first quarter of the year, but it does not mean that trends for 2017 will stop coming in. The beauty industry, in particular, still has a lot in store for fashionistas, makeup addicts, and women who simply like looking good and feeling beautiful. Here, we will take a look at the beauty industry forecast which includes trends that you’ll most likely see for the rest of year.

Niche Beauty Products, Breakthroughs & Other Trends to Watch Out for

According to Research and Markets, the beauty industry around the world will be valued at around US $460 billion by 2018. It’s already a multi-billion dollar industry now, so what will drive its growth? The same agency said that new products, an evolving target market, innovations, new distribution channels, and technologies are the drivers and the audience is consumers of beauty products and services around the world.

Here is a quick look at the up-and-coming beauty products, technologies, and trends to look forward to for the rest of 2017:

  • Niche beauty products

Beauty products for all ages, full-spectrum beauty products, highly-pigmented makeup – these are just some of the niche beauty products that will stand out for the rest of 2017. Manufacturers are bound to target both ends of the age spectrum: millennials and baby boomers when marketing and formulating their beauty products. Anti-ageing products will continue to flourish and for the young ones, natural and organic are the two things they will always see on labels.

Highly-pigmented makeup will be all the rage so it’s all about color cosmetics. Full spectrum beauty products are skin and hair solutions suitable for every ethnicity. For instance, sun protection and hair care will be different for women with varying complexions, so this niche market will make itself heard this year.

  • Beauty and wellness

More and more people are getting conscious about their health, which is why the health and wellness industry flourished. For 2017, wellness will be combined with beauty, as witnessed by the popularity of ingestible beauty aids which are also good for the health; and the emergence of day spas where beauty treatments are also offered.

  • High-tech facial masks

When it comes to specific beauty products, how about using a high-tech facial mask that will give you plumped up lips or more tightened skin? L’Oreal has already led the pack with clay masks, while other labels introduced panda-faced masks in the market. Power peel masks, lift-and-plump masks, dry-textured sheet masks, and similar products will dominate the market.

  • Probiotic skincare

You might associate the term probiotic as being good for the stomach, but this health trend will cross over to the beauty industry. Skin care products with ‘good bacteria’ ingredients like lactobacillus will be marketed, an example of which is a foaming cleanser with probiotics that will not strip your skin dry. There’s also a skin probiotic masque for the face that will make your skin feel tighter and look younger using this emerging technology.

  • Korean-inspired beauty products and trends

Lastly, expect the Korean beauty trend to continue for the rest of the year. Skincare products that change textures is a Korean-inspired trend, with items like toners that transform from gel to water. There’s also a floral oil cream that transforms from having a balmy to an oil-like texture, as well as bubble masks and hair colors.

Indeed, 2017 is an exciting time when it comes to skin care, health, and beauty, so watch out for these top trends!





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