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Massage Industry Outlook for 2016

February 24, 2016/0/0

Part of your job as a professional is to be abreast of the latest techniques or technology used in your industry. Let’s say that you are a massage therapist. Aside from the foundational knowledge of the basic massage techniques, you should also be trained in the latest massages, equipment or technology used in the massage industry. For 2016, what are the hottest trends that will emerge? Which massage techniques will clients request from you? Find out about that and more in the next section.

What are the Hottest Trends in the Massage Industry?

Massage therapists provide professional services to their clients. Whether these clients are running their own business or are working as an employee, it is your job as a therapist to relieve the stress that they are going through using different massage techniques. For 2016, you should familiarize yourself with some of the hottest trends in the massage industry, which clients are bound to request for:
• ‘Express’ Massages
Although clients would love nothing more than spending a full day at a spa being pampered, not all of them can afford to spend so much time getting a massage. The solution? Express treatments! More than 70% of spa establishments now offer massages which last for thirty minutes or less. If clients have a full hour to spare, they can get more than one treatment done. Also, massage therapists should prepare to work longer hours because spa establishments now open earlier and close later in the day to cater to their ever-busy clientele.

• Follow-Up
For a person who always has back pains, what can you recommend as a follow-up for the massage treatment that you just administered? Clients are more educated than ever, so they would prefer it if you can create a customized program for them that will help alleviate back pains. This way, they won’t have to go to a professional more often, but still address the pains and aches they’re experiencing.

• Naturopathy
With plenty of information easily available, clients are more likely to follow an overall wellness plan – instead of just booking a massage when their back is already killing them. Yoga, naturopathy, aromatherapy for relaxation, these alternative but natural treatments are bound to be a big hit this 2016.

• Social Fitness
Social fitness was a huge trend last year and it is bound to continue this year. This involves a group of people booking a half-day’s worth of services that can include early morning yoga, followed by a foot or back massage, then a light lunch.

• Specialty Spa Services
Specialty spa services will continue to be all the rage this year. Clients don’t want to go to different establishments just so that they can get a foot massage, a back rub, a facial, treatment for the hair, or brow waxing. They want to have all these services in one place, so make sure to expand your skill if you want to be a valuable employee or even start your own spa business someday.

There are also more specialized spa and massage services for male clientele. Labelling them as executive or sports massages really do work, and the main goal is to offer relief from stress, pain, or healing of minor sports injuries.

If you’re a massage therapist, it does pay to familiarize yourself with the hottest industry trends so that you can expand your skill, or at least have a ready answer when a client asks you about them.


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