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How Makeup Artists Can Book One Event after Another

December 2, 2016/0/0

You decided to become a makeup artist and you can’t wait to book your first job. Just like any other profession, there are areas of being a professional makeup artist that you can specialize in. Here’s a quick look:

  • Film or television

For this, you will get to work with actors and actresses in film or television sets. If a celebrity client likes your quality of work, you might even be booked to work on his or her makeup during red carpet events.

  • Print or digital media

Here, you will be working on fashion shoots, website photo sessions, and similar events. Although your goal is still to make your model look his or her best, you should consider the appearance on camera. You’ll have to consider the lighting, any camera filters to be used, and the natural complexion of your model. A sub-branch of this is working on the fashion industry, where you will be doing the makeup of models walking down the ramp.

  • Bridal events and special events

Perhaps one of the easiest fields to get into as a makeup artist is the bridal industry. Women who are attending red carpet events, or those who simply want to look fabulous during their date nights can also become your clients.

  • Medical aesthetics

Those who took cosmetology courses can also work as an aesthetician. Here, you will be employed at a day spa or beauty salon, analyse the ski of a client, offer makeup advice, and do actual makeup application. As compared to being a freelance makeup artist, the salary and work here is a lot more stable.

  • Commercial makeup

Also called business makeup, this is a field of cosmetology where you will work for a cosmetics company. Since you specialize in makeup, you can become a sales executive, product tester, or a makeup consultant.

Tips for Booking Weddings and Special Events as a Makeup Artist

As a makeup artist, the more events you book, the higher your total pay would be – so you should know how to keep those clients coming. Let’s say that you decided to specialize in bridal makeup, as well as makeup for special events. How can you increase the number of clients you have?

First, keep a business card handy no matter which event you are going. A well-made business card will make you look 100% professional. It’s also a great way to spread word about the services that you offer.

Second, remember that the wedding industry is quite easy to get into – unlike in film, television, or fashion where you might necessarily have that much luck. With brides as clients, you simply have to do the makeup of one stunning bride who will naturally glow during her big day. From there, you are bound to get referrals from the relatives and female friends of the bride. If other people see the quality of your work from the photos of the bride, you can have additional clients through referrals as well.

Third, you have to refine your skills as you go along. Aside from the skill of applying makeup on brides, you need to create a great-looking portfolio. You also need to use the right makeup tools and products. Since you’re working with brides, you might want to separate yourself from the rest of bridal makeup artists by using airbrush makeup techniques. Or, you can master giving brides that natural, fresh glow – which will make them look like they almost have no makeup on. Create a niche for yourself and build an excellent reputation for that.

You can also create business bookmarks, put up a blog or your own website where your portfolio can be featured, network with other bridal makeup artists, post ads in newspapers or public bulletin boards, join local business associations, advertise on blogs, or host free makeup sessions with women who are getting married soon. Follow these tips so that you can start winning those bridal clients for your makeup business.






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