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How to Dress for an Interview at a Salon

June 20, 2016/0/0

You’ve got your interview answers down pat, your blow drying skills are exceptional, and you practiced demonstrating your makeup skills numerous times. Your interview with the salon owner is scheduled and the next thing that you need to think about is what to wear.

If you think that being a makeup artist, hair dresser, or a staff at a beauty salon allows you to show up at a job interview wearing skinny jeans and a provocative top with full-on makeup, think again. Remember that despite the creative nature of the job that you are applying for, you still need to look every inch the professional. This is what will make the salon owner or human resource manager hire you.

What Not to Wear during a Salon Interview

Before dishing out tips on how to dress for an interview at a salon, let’s first count down what you should not be wearing. You might think that black jeans look formal but they’re still denim – so stick to professional-looking black pants. If you’d rather wear a skirt, make sure that its hemline is not too short.

Naturally, the following are also a big no-no to wear when showing up for a salon interview: yoga pants, workout clothes, casual t-shirts, flip-flops, sneakers, open-toed sandals, shoes with heels that are sky-high, and tops which are too revealing.

Tips when Dressing Up for a Salon Interview

Now that you already have an idea about what not to wear, what should you actually wear for an interview at a salon? Here are a few quick tips:
• Do your research first.
Let’s say that you are applying for a job at a high-end salon. Days before your interview, pay the salon a visit. What are the hairdressers wearing? Do they have skirts or black pants as uniform? How are their accessories, hair, and makeup? Does the salon have a conservative or trendy interior? Salon managers and owners want their employees to reflect the image of their company, so you should look the part when applying for a job.

• Opt for conservative colors.
A business suit is always a safe bet when showing up for a job interview. Muted colors like black and navy always work, but you can always go with a splash of color if you think that dark hues will wash out your complexion. Your interview outfit should still showcase your style and personality, but it should be suited for a business environment.

• Mind your footwear.
Again, never show up at job interviews wearing sneakers, flip-flops or casual sandals. Closed shoes with not-too-high-heels are the best.

• Accessorize fashionably, but tastefully.
You will be working in the beauty industry so the interviewer will also look at your personal style. It is a must to accessorize, but make sure that it’s nothing too distracting. Small stud earrings, a nice bracelet or a watch, and a neutral-toned bag or purse are the perfect accessories for you to have.

• Make sure that you are perfectly groomed.
Finally, the hiring manager or salon owner will check your appearance up to the minute detail. Make sure that your nails are perfectly manicured, your hair is stylish (natural but subdued), and your makeup is muted but professional-looking. After all, these are the services that you will also offer your clients so if you cannot do your own hair, nails or makeup, how can the manager trust you to serve their clients?

All in all, your overall look when showing up for a job interview at a salon should be glammed up, but only to a certain extent. Anything that’s too over-the-top or dowdy will not do – it should be a delicate balance between the two.


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