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Tips to Remember for Beginner Nail Artists

November 1, 2016/0/0

No matter what your line of work is, you will always be a beginner who does not know a lot about the profession. Even CEOs who were born to inherit the family business had to start as newbies who didn’t know that much. It’s through time and experience that you will eventually become an expert at what you do.

Let’s say that you took cosmetology classes and you would like to become an expert at doing nail art. You can actually consider the client’s nails as a canvas to showcase your work. If you already have the creative ability to do nail art, you still need to work on your techniques as a nail technician – and practice a lot. At the start, a nitpicky client may not be satisfied with your work. Simply offer to do a better job next time and of course, offer the redo for free. Learn from your mistake and move on by practicing some more.

Top Tips for Nail Artists Who Are Just Starting Out

If you are fresh out of cosmetology class and you would like to excel in doing nail art, what are the tips that you need to remember? Take a quick look:

  • Give yourself plenty of time to learn.

As mentioned earlier, you cannot be an instant expert at anything because skills require time to develop. You may not have a natural aptitude at drawing or painting but if you’re already a good nail technician, that is your foundational skill right there. This means that as a newbie nail artist, you should give yourself plenty of time to learn. Work on your basic nail polish application first. Work on the cuticles, file, then apply a base coat. The top coat should be a solid color. Once that’s all dried up, you can slowly create layers of colors and designs on the nail to come up with your very own work of art.

Practice doing nail art on yourself. Flip through magazines or browse through websites that feature nail art. Watch videos and encourage your friends to allow you to do nail art on their hands or feet. The more practice you gain, the better you will be in the end.

  • Make sure that you have all the right tools.

Doing nail art is a very detail-oriented task, so make sure that you have all the right tools. There are shops that specialize in supplies for nail technicians, check them out. Also, make sure that all your equipment and tools are sanitized before working on a client.

  • Act professionally and slowly build a clientele.

There are some clients who welcome friendly chats or even gossip from their nail technicians, while others prefer to do their own thing or indulge in some quiet me-time while having their nails done. Gauge the preference of your client. If they don’t respond to your small talk, it means that they would rather watch what you are doing so simply focus on your work.

  • Find a mentor.

You don’t necessarily need to look for a mentor who is also an expert in nail art. Even someone from a beauty salon or a day spa who’s had plenty of experience dealing with different kinds of clients can offer you great advice.

  • Additional tips for beginner nail artists or technicians.

If you’re just starting out, your client base will not be that wide yet so make sure to keep plenty of business cards handy. If a client likes your work, she will definitely spread word about you and recommend you to her friends and family.

All in all, being a good nail artist is all about giving yourself time to become an expert at what you do. As long as you have already developed your basic skills as a nail technician, the nail art part will naturally come in later.



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