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Tips for Aspiring Salon Professionals

September 27, 2016/0/0

Do you want to work – and excel – in the beauty industry? If you want to make people look good and feel great about themselves, then you definitely should try it out. Being in the business of beauty and fashion is never boring. There are always new trends that you have to keep up with, as well as supermodels and Hollywood stars that you can use as inspiration for your work. It’s also quite lucrative and if you want to, you can put up your own salon business later on.

Top Tips to Succeed in the Beauty Business

If you are an aspiring salon professional, here are a few tips that you will definitely find useful:

• Know exactly what you’re getting into.

If your goal is to immediately be a salon owner, you can either put up a high-end salon with a large team of stylists which require quite a lot of start-up capital. Or, you can start with a home-based salon with just a few employees. If you simply want to be a salon owner, you do not need any formal training but you can do with formal training in business management.

On the other hand, if you want to work your way from the bottom up, you can undergo formal cosmetology training. Depending on the state you’re in, you might be required to pass a licensure examination. As a professional hairdresser, hairstylist, or cosmetologist, you might need to go through additional training to broaden your skills as you go along.

• Be a master of one skill, or a jack of all trades.

If you already found employment at a salon, don’t be afraid to start from the bottom. You might need to shampoo or blow dry the hair of clients for a bit, or be the assistant colorist. But the more time that you spend at the salon with the customers and the senior stylists, the more that your skills will be honed. Once you find your niche – whether it’s cutting, stylisng, coloring hair or doing makeup, it will pay if you will master that specific skill. Once you’ve become an expert at one area, you can move on to another and be a jack of all trades in the salon.

Next, here are a few tips from some of the most seasoned professionals in the beauty industry. When asked by CameoCollege what their tips are for an aspiring beauty student to succeed in the beauty industry, here’s what they have to say:

• Understand the basics of hair.

According to Jamal Hammadi, expert hairstylist and owner of Hamadi Organics, students need to understand the basics of hair. They need to learn how to create structure, shape, and movement while cutting hair. Think of it as sculpting or building a house. The most important thing is foundation, so if you can build good structure, you can style hair any which way you want. He adds that if students want to learn a new style, they have to master it and they should not be afraid of deconstructing and creating interesting shapes.

• Assist as much as possible.

Danielle Williams, director of hair and makeup at Jed Root, Inc., says that if you want to succeed as a freelancer in the beauty or fashion industry, you need to assist as much as possible. She says that students or newbies in the beauty industry should try to find someone with a similar career path and get on their assistant roster because this is the best way to learn about the ins and outs of the business. Also, it’s a great way to make the connections that you need to thrive in the industry.

• Have passion – your education does not end with graduation.

President and CEO or Orly, as well as the inventor of French manicure, says that those who would like to succeed in the business should have passion. Also, education should not end with graduation. Although students can learn about the technical aspects of their profession in school, it’s still the day-to-day work with clients that will mold you into the skilled beauty professional that you will become in the future.

• Be original and innovative.

Sarah White, creator and editor of Chalkboard Nails advises to be original and innovative. Instead of copying what others are doing, you can develop your own style which can become your signature look.

Which among these tips from the pros can’t you wait to try out in real life?


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