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What Salons Look for in an Employee

October 18, 2016/0/0

The beauty business is a multi-billion dollar industry and everyone wants to have their share of the marketing pie. Those who are specifically interested in making people look and feel good may want to work at, or own a salon. If you belong to this group of people, read on to find out which skills and qualities you should possess to excel here.


Skills & Qualities that Salon Owners Look for in Employees


Let’s say that you are a salon manager and you are looking for new employees to add to your current staff. How can you make sure that the new people you’ll hire will contribute to the growth and success of your business? Here are the skills and qualities that you should look for:

  • Qualifications

Of course, a hair stylist cannot consider himself or herself as one without the proper education and training. According to, licensure is required for all hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists.  The requirements for having a license varies per state but generally, the applicants need to complete a state-approved program.


  • Skills

Next, what does being a salon professional entail? Aside from styling hair, coloring hair, cutting hair, doing makeup, and performing similar tasks, a salon employee may also be required to upsell beauty products. For those who are just starting out in the business, they may be required to act as a salon assistant who will shampoo and blow dry the hair of clients, maintain cleanliness inside the salon, and answer calls to help book appointments.


  • Enthusiasm

When it comes to the qualities that you should look for in a salon employee, enthusiasm should be on top of your list. Consider this scenario. A client walks in hesitantly, wanting to try out a shorter hairstyle. She’s been wearing her hair long forever and she wants a drastic change. When you have an enthusiastic employee, the client will be welcomed with ease, and all her nervousness will be gone with the way that the salon professional treats her. Positivity, friendliness, and enthusiasm should ooze from the employee. This way, even the most nit-picky or nervous clients walking into the salon would feel at ease.


Although there is nothing wrong in hiring an experienced salon professional who is in between jobs, he or she may not necessarily have the same enthusiasm as, say, someone who is fresh out of cosmetology school.


  • Professionalism

Even with a salon employee who is fresh out of beauty school, you should expect a high degree of professionalism. During the interview, if you know that you are hiring a new graduate without any salon experience, ask this question: If a client complains that she does not like the pedicure even if you know that you did a good job at it, how would you resolve the issue if she wants her money back? The best answer would be to apologize, then offer a free manicure or blowout. For seasoned salon professionals, you may ask if he or she has encountered similar situations in the past and what was done about it.


If you’re a salon manager or employer, you want to hire someone who is not just in it to earn money.  For this employee to help your business succeed, he or she should have a natural love for making people look and feel good. Professionalism and enthusiasm are also important – along with the foundational skills of a good hairstylist, makeup artist or cosmetologist.



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