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Planning to Step into the Beauty Industry? Here are Career Ideas to Try Out

December 20, 2016/0/0

In this Instagram and Twitter-obsessed world, image seems to be everything. This is precisely the reason why the beauty industry is very lucrative. If you want to step into this line of work, what are the possible career ideas that you can try? Read on to find out.

Top Beauty Career Ideas to Try Out

Before counting down the different career paths that you can take in the beauty industry, let us first have a quick look at a few factors that will affect your salary. Let’s say that you decided to become a makeup artist. Will you be working with celebrities, models, brides, or everyday female clients? Do you live in a major city or the suburbs? How much experience have you had so far? Of course, when you are just starting out, you will only be qualified to receive entry-level pay. As you gain more experience and skills, your pay will increase.

Here are the top career paths that you can take once you decide to get into the beauty industry:

  • Makeup artist

As mentioned earlier, makeup artists can work with brides, celebrities, models, and women who are attending special events or simply want to have a makeover. Depending on the requirements of your state, you need to take a cosmetology course, finish an apprenticeship, and get the required licenses. Once you’ve gained enough experience and developed your skills, you can get into the niche market that you want – be it celebrity or fashion makeup, or you can work with brides if you love being part of weddings.

  • Hair stylist

Another career path that you can take after finishing a cosmetology course is being a hair stylist. This involves cutting, coloring, and styling women’s hair. This is one of the most common paths taken by students taking up cosmetology courses. If you have a passion for making people look good and feel good about themselves, this might just be the correct career path for you. Similar to being a makeup artist, you need to start with an entry-level position but as you gain experience over the years, you can become a master hair cutter, colorist or stylist.

  • Aesthetician

Aestheticians specialize in skin care and they usually work in skin clinics and day spas. After evaluating the skin type of the client, you can recommend non-surgical treatments to improve the quality and appearance of the skin. This job requires a broad knowledge of the different types of skin, product knowledge, and skills in performing skin care procedures.

  • Beauty product developer

If you think that cosmetologists can only work as hair stylists or makeup artists, think again. They can also specialize in beauty products development. These individuals formulate the look, feel, smell, texture, and chemistry of the product. From lipstick shades to fragrances, this is a very interesting, and quite lucrative career to have in the beauty industry.

  • Salon manager or owner

If you have the aptitude for running a business and you have the capital for it, you can also be a salon manager or owner. Not all salon managers or owners need to have a license but if they decide to also work with clients, they are required to acquire one.

  • Cosmetology school teacher or corporate trainer

Once you’ve gained enough experience and you decided that working at an actual salon is not for you, you can take your career to a different path. Why not consider being a cosmetology school teacher or a corporate trainer? For the former, you will be training cosmetology students the basics. As a corporate trainer, you will work for specific beauty brands or fashion houses and train the employees within the organization. Just remember that if you are training cosmetology students to cut hair, you also need to acquire the proper licenses required in your state.

If you’re fresh out of cosmetology school, these are the possible career paths that you can take. Which one are you considering getting into?




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