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Learn about the Importance of Continued Learning for Salon Staff

October 7, 2016/0/0

In an interview with, NAHA Lifetime Achievement awardee Dwight Miller has this to say: “Any show or class you attend is beneficial, even if it just reinforces a skill you already have.” This applies to all industries, but most especially to the beauty business. If you’re a salon owner, for example, a big part of the success of your business will come from the skill of your staff. If you have hair stylists or makeup artists who can only do classic hairstyles or basic makeup, you may not necessarily be able to attract the younger crowd. This is precisely why it is important for all salon professionals to invest in continued learning.

Before counting down the reasons why it’s important to invest in continued learning for salon staff, let us first discover where these can be had in the first place. Thanks to technology, the already licensed beauticians and hair stylists can simply watch tutorial videos on YouTube. They can also subscribe to website updates and online forums about the latest trends on the runway or in Hollywood. The salon staff can enrol in online classes, attend trainings or seminars, or even train with seasoned beauty experts.

Why Is It Important to Invest in Continued Learning for Salon Staff?

Next, here are the reasons why it’s important to invest in continued learning for salon staff:

• You can provide a wider range of services to clients.

If your colorist does not know how to do the hidden rainbow hair coloring technique, then you might be turning down a group of girls who would like to try it out. That’s lost business right there. By investing in continued learning and making it a policy for the staff of your salon to stay updated with trends, you can provide a broader range of services and not lose any clients in the process.

• You can strengthen weak links in the business.

No business is perfect and even if you’ve been in the salon industry for a good number of years, there will still be areas that you can improve on and weak links that need to be addressed. Through continued training, these gaps will be filled and any mistakes made in the past will not be repeated.

• You can stay updated with trends in the beauty industry.

The fashion and beauty industry is continuously evolving. Trends do come and go so if your staff is not updated with the latest, what can you say to a client who walks in wanting to have Chloe Moretz’ hair color? Or Cara Delevingne’s makeup? Just like any other industry, it’s a must to stay up-to-date with the latest trends so that you can keep up with whatever the competition’s offering.

• Employee satisfaction is increased.

Yet another benefit of continued training for salon staff is increased employee satisfaction. If you cannot offer a hairstylist the opportunity to increase his or her salary by becoming a master hair cutter or hair colorist in the future, do you think this person will stay with you? When you give salon staff access to continued learning and education, you are showing them that they are value employees. Not only do they feel valued and appreciated, but they also become challenged when it comes to trying out new stuff – and they’re never bored with their jobs.

As you can see, investing in continued learning for salon staff will benefit not just your business but your employees as well, so it’s a win-win situation!


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