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Hairstylist Etiquette: How to Act Like a Pro Inside the Salon

September 7, 2016/0/0

Unlike a typical office where the ambiance needs to be 100% professional, the setup at a beauty salon is entirely different. There has to be a chill yet creative vibe to it. Customers need to feel comfortable and at home, but they also need to see that you’re running a normal business. They want to feel and look like a million bucks once they get out of the salon so you have to deliver the best service possible.

But because of the difference between a typical office and the way that beauty salons are operated on a day-to-day basis, you might not really know how to act professional. Do you need to be chatty with the customer whose hair you are styling? Or would you rather keep a polite distance from them? If a client shows you a picture of a haircut which you know would look horrible on her because of her face shape, do you have to be brutally honest? Or do you need to take on a more diplomatic route of addressing her concern? Read on to find out more about how you can act like a pro inside the salon.

Hairstylist Etiquette

So what are the hairstylist etiquette rules that you need to follow if you’re working in the beauty industry? Take a look:

• Always be on time.

During the first few weeks that you’re working at a salon, you should familiarize yourself with how client appointments are handled. Let’s say that the salon is overbooked and you cannot meet the next client on time. Offer to reschedule the appointment at a discounted rate. If the client is willing to wait, make sure to give an approximate time so she would know what to expect. Always be respectful of the client’s time.

• Put yourself in the shoes of your client.

If you’re the client and you decided to have a life-changing haircut, wouldn’t you want the hairstylist to soothe your fears? If it’s your first time having your hair colored and you have no idea about what highlights are, wouldn’t you want the colorist to patiently explain to you what’s about to happen? Remember that women are very protective and conscious of their hair so if they ask you to style or cut it, it’s almost as if they are entrusting their lives to you. In short, you have to be kind and patient especially when it comes to clients who have no idea what they want to do with their hair. Explain what their options are, tell them that it’s okay to ask questions about anything they don’t understand, and ask them if they agree with what you are recommending.

• Be upfront about the costs.

If there’s an extra treatment or service that the client wants to take advantage of based on your recommendation, be upfront about the costs. Nothing’s more uncomfortable than a client asking what the extra charges are before walking out of the salon.

• Additional tips for behaving like a pro inside the salon.
As a professional in the beauty industry, you have to give clients the best service possible. Be honest and reassure clients who have no idea about which style or cut can work for them. Avoid any distractions while working. A big no-no is looking at your mobile phone while cutting the hair of a client – avoid all distractions while working! Finally, maintain a friendly banter. If a client is particularly chatty, do engage them in a lively conversation but avoid controversial topics. Try to stick with talking about hair care and general topics so that you can still maintain that air of professionalism.


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